what is at the top of your 2021 bucket list?  

nastytease4U 42M  
10067 entradas
26/12/2020 4:44 am

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27/12/2020 4:16 pm

what is at the top of your 2021 bucket list?

ok, 2020 was pretty much a bust the kinky swinging circuit, so I am guessing there is a lot of pent sexual frustration out there......

so, here is the time for your kinky New Years resolution, what do you want the most happen....

now for most of you I know FFM is naturally at the top of the wish list, but be realistic, short of that, what do you want......
xxx game of truth or dare/strip poker......
giving oral to someone I meet online
going to a gangbang/orgy
getting tied up
being tied up
kinky roleplay, cosplay
breaking in a new sex toy with a friend
first bi experience
being part of a DP
blindfolded stranger sex

moonbeam1 67H  
295 entradas
26/12/2020 5:26 am

giving oral I need to taste some sweet pussy

Massass1963 57H
1028 entradas
26/12/2020 6:11 am

You took away our number one choice LOL....but actually I have had the FMF quite a bit with an ex-girlfriend that was very open and had a sexy friend! I'd love that again.
Being tied up is pretty kinky to me! Of course, this doesn't happen on a first date!

dell9600 64H  
1128 entradas
26/12/2020 6:15 am

How about " all of the above "?

benard69 63H/63M  
5737 entradas
26/12/2020 6:23 am

Living to see 2022...

fisherman5999 58H  
791 entradas
26/12/2020 7:13 am

I didn't see much that was real 'kinky', I want double penetration,!

OneNight06990 53H
8 entradas
26/12/2020 7:18 am

All of the above. I had to choose just one? I’m looking to meet one ( female) who can keep up with my drive.

PantyCurious865 45T
251 entradas
26/12/2020 7:56 am

First bi experience here.

pokekitty01 49H
532 entradas
26/12/2020 7:59 am

i would love to find a woman who loves to be pleased orally! *Y*@!@(Y)

CleavageFan4U 63H  
65022 entradas
26/12/2020 8:03 am

I'm gonna keep trying the DP till I get porn star quality action.

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idblueswoman 62M  
800 entradas
26/12/2020 9:52 am

Not enough options to vote, nothing on that list.

flannel_light 58M  
2312 entradas
26/12/2020 10:35 am

I want to jump somebody's bones I don't care about this covid anymore I am so horny I'm ready to scream girl

The light of the lighthouse calms me.


Open2Fun2020 54H
33 entradas
26/12/2020 12:22 pm

Tough to choose. All of the above might be nice, lol!
But I chose first bi experience just because it's something I've never done.
Also at the very top of the list (but done MANY times already!) is eating pussy. I just can't get enough of it! I absolutely love the taste of a nice pussy, especially as it gets juicy, yummy!
But yes, for trying something new, I'd definitely vote for my first bi experience. Fingers crossed!

6dusty2 71H
14 entradas
26/12/2020 12:31 pm

Im looking for a man /or boy too take my ass for the first time I have thought about it for a long time and its time If your interested let me know thanks dusty206 Y com

Ray94134 64H
20 entradas
26/12/2020 12:36 pm

Finding a man that's 7 inches or more.

classicalrebel4 65H  
1617 entradas
26/12/2020 1:01 pm

I agree, this is a more realistic goal for everyone.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 60H
3847 entradas
26/12/2020 3:31 pm

Since I have done all the things on that list I care to do, it is more of what I would like to repeat. Blindfolded with a stranger has been fun, GBs have been fun, orgyies have been fun, breaking in a new toy is always fun, DPs are usually fun, especially when the gal has not done it before, 3Ps are even better tho.
Mainly I want someone new, as COVID has killed my relationship with my main FWB, and the other two are now preggers (NO, not by me), and are so far being monogamous with their baby-daddies. Are quite a few MujerTrans.com contactos con transexuales y travestis - shemale dating, MujerTrans.com ladies in my area, but so far havnt connected with any of them since I moved here!

MT59875bi 67H  
16 entradas
26/12/2020 4:39 pm

I would have to go with “all of the above” also. Have experienced most of above and others, not a priority.

JamesBondSmooth 38H
19 entradas
26/12/2020 11:21 pm

Love fucking hot wives in front of their husbands. #cuckold

CharlieBurns 45H
9 entradas
26/12/2020 11:29 pm

to lose my virginity

oldman1973 72H/35M  
588 entradas
27/12/2020 2:14 am

Gangbangs are always fun and if 2 or more girls that are sluts like me with a big group of men then love it all. Just need Bi sluts to join me for some hot les fun then the guys take over and bareback us in all holes with lots of cum for us to share

fashionablegma 77M

27/12/2020 2:28 am

Strangely enough surviving

BBWjawn 35M
32 entradas
27/12/2020 6:34 am

shit i wouldnt have minded a little of all of them

iraduu 40H
3186 entradas
27/12/2020 7:01 am

very oral in pussy wet

iraduu 40H
3186 entradas
27/12/2020 7:03 am

very pussy for my dick

kneelb4meu 60H
5 entradas
27/12/2020 11:46 am

a tight tranny ass

Harlyman54321 47H
68 entradas
27/12/2020 11:36 pm

I agree with you there. Nothing like cum dripping out. >>!

Harlyman54321 47H
68 entradas
27/12/2020 11:39 pm

Gangbang would be fun. Nothing like cum dripping out of your ass. 3 some.>>!

LuckyYou2021 72H  

28/12/2020 6:24 am

I Love to go for the taste.

BiJack55 71H
223 entradas
28/12/2020 8:11 am

You forgot ALL THE ABOVE

curiousguy9888 63H  
1 entrada
30/12/2020 6:21 am

voted for go to gangbang/orgy, what I really want is to be gangbanged>>!

sexbrowser69966 57H
5 entradas
30/12/2020 7:18 am

I'd luv a DP,,with me being on the receiving end..2 at once in my ass is my favorite fantasy

911curly 70H/68M
142 entradas
30/12/2020 9:53 am

Wow some wild fantasy's , I put down blind folded , think that would be a little kinky not knowing who is using you .

BiCuriousBottmNJ 34H  
21 entradas
30/12/2020 3:24 pm

Orgy for me. I want to be split roasted, while being watched!

edmregularguy 48H
8 entradas
30/12/2020 8:26 pm

Use up the new buckets I had going into 2019 that I still haven't use yet!

mmorsel_2 50H  
1 entrada
31/12/2020 5:19 am

I have to agree, I'm totally in with all and continuing to experience the completed. However, the existence of kinks are very broad and seemingly never-ending, and I have a mission to curiously attempt them all.

looking4funNLTR6 54H
33 entradas
31/12/2020 2:45 pm

I have been craving cock. I need a cock to suck and drain.

heartshapedcock2 37H  
1730 entradas
1/1/2021 8:17 am

I wish I could meet up with you and get oral sex...

grizz54545454 73H  
231 entradas
1/1/2021 6:02 pm

very horny need some cum in my mouth

discreetdesir55 62H/60M  
40 entradas
1/1/2021 6:19 pm

would like my wife to find a fuck buddy, some may call it a bull.

NewHere4Kink 48M  
169 entradas
2/1/2021 10:27 am

I was looking for an “everything “ option... kink is kinda a big thing for me. 😉 Great blog! 💋

Thank you so much for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! {=}

Cripdick2642 48H
9 entradas
3/1/2021 6:21 am

Fuck as many fine snowbunny as I can lol

extra1980 58H
300 entradas
8/1/2021 5:32 pm

Well looking at your ass bend over like you can guess what I am thinking

Orgyfun999 20H
12 entradas
13/1/2021 12:31 pm

Yes queen....

yumehole 55M

16/1/2021 9:16 am

For me to get through this Covid and have my first of hopefully a few gang bangs of 2021 it has now been a year since my last. let me know guys mmmm.

Ceeezilla 54H

16/1/2021 3:32 pm

< adds polar bear plunge to bucket list

missmarvel69 48T
51 entradas
18/1/2021 12:19 pm

Would love to give my dear friend Scotty a blowjob. Probably more if he wished.

Dylan_ZD 27H
13 entradas
21/1/2021 1:02 pm

Woah did not expect so few votes for "geting tied up"...I mean for once I wouldn't mind a girl to...

lyavu 47M  
1457 entradas
26/1/2021 12:45 am

To be a millionaire and it will happen by December. Now that I have alot of free time. I have learned stock trading and also ways to invest and make more money

licknsuck1234 63H
86 entradas
28/1/2021 10:19 am

Kneeling behind a woman with a freshly fucked cum loaded cunt for me to lick and suck on.
Or, on knees again sucking a nice thick cock and having my face covered in cum.
Or, kneeling in front of two guys with nice cocks, and swallowing all the cum they can produce in a blow session.
Or, getting fucked by those guys and having my ass filled with their loads,
Or again kneeling behind a cum filled pussy, licking her clean between all the cocks she invited over fucking her.

Leegs2012 48H
64182 entradas
5/2/2021 2:52 pm

Voted: I always enjoy being tied up!!

Ghurst1987 34H
5 entradas
14/2/2021 12:22 am

wish I could help

Suprcuk49 59H
184 entradas
17/2/2021 10:43 am

Didn't have mine listed !!! I would love for a woman to put on a private masturbation show for me. If we get to fuck afterwards, great !! But if not, would be a big check off on the bucket list. FMF would always be on my list as well. But out here in the midwest, VERY difficult to experience. You hear of some happening but not many. People afraid of being who they really are.

iraduu 40H
3186 entradas
17/2/2021 3:01 pm

poder ser vacinado e poder fuder muito sair da seca

Yupthisone069 51H
5 entradas
22/2/2021 10:14 pm

Would like to tryouts all of above that I will meet all the different people and earning the different experience!

Muffinmilker 59H  
80 entradas
23/2/2021 9:51 pm

Moving to California or Florida become a Porn Star.That twenty years ages span 42-62 has no old school sexual activities optional listed

greatcocknass 61H
30 entradas
3/3/2021 2:48 pm

Take two cocks in my tight little ass. It's been a while and craving it bad.

Iamhim999999 46H
14 entradas
4/3/2021 10:54 pm


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